Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The 11th World Ikebana International - Okinawa Convention Center

Okinawa is a prefecture of Japan, consists with many islands. Before Japan annexed the Okinawa islands in 1879, it was a island nation, a kingdom called Ryukyu Kingdom with it palace structure very similar to China. Ryukyu kingdom had been paying tributary to China for several hundred years until Japan's annexation. It was the island endured most sever fight during WWII, before US invaded Japan.
My husband and I took a short trip to Taiwan after convention to visit our relatives and friends. From Okinawa to Taiwan only took an hour and half. Much closer than Japan to Taiwan.
Convention Center site at the Ginowan Harbour.

Ginowan Harbor with small park

Fishing boats in harbor

Small park in harbor viewed from hotel balcony
Harbor viewed from hotel room

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Okinawa Convention (3) - Member's Arrangements

There were so many beautiful, unique, big and small,simple and complex arrangements displayed in this world Ikebana International Convention. Here are just few of them:

Friday, May 12, 2017

Okinawa Convention (2) - My Arrangement

When I registered to attend the 11th World Ikebana International Convention, I signed up to participate in the member's exhibition, and they put me in a No#176 spot (300 in total, 1100 attendees throughout the world). Some of my colleagues said I am so brave. So, I began to worry about how I was going to arrange it on site without knowing what kind of container and materials to use. If I had my own container, I wouldn't be so worried about it. But it was so inconvenient to bring a heavy, breakable, ceramic vase over there, so I decided to make my own container. It was plastic, recycled, light and disposable! It's Sogetsu!
The result of my arrangement was a simple one.  The container was definitely a plus. A lot of viewers said that it was a clever idea.
I purchased my plant materials onsite.  They were sold by the stem. Each individual flower was much more expensive here than in my home town! It was a challenge and a new experience for me.
Each arrangement needed to fit in a 80cm W x 60cm D x 70cm H space.
Allium, monsteria leaf, peony and a purple plant (I didn't get the name of it.)
I wrapped a shiny mesh cloth around the plastic plant container then put soft wire around it.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Back from 11th World Ikebana International Convention (1)

The last day of Okinawa Ikebana International Convention (4/15/2017) and in Taiwan (4/16-4/20) I was so sick ( respiratory infection). Even though I have been back home for 2 weeks. I am still not feeling well enough to do my blog work here. But I will start to post some pictures select from my camera. Here are some different Ikebana schools' head master's arrangements:
Because my photos of the stage demonstration are not very clear from the convention, please see the posts from my fellow blogger Christopher here and Emily here. I was excited to meet both of them in person. They both live in Australia, and I follow their blogs from the other side of the world.