Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall Arrangement

Lesson 3) Fall arrangement- It should be suitable for the Thanksgiving dinner table.
My materials: Kale, mum,Winter berry, Hinoki, Hydrangea and dried branch / ceramic container
Front side view
Back side view
Hata Sensei's demo arrangement

Morimono Thanksgiving Arrangement

Hata Sensei's class had been moved one week early for November because of the Thanksgiving holiday. We had three lessons as usual. Two in the morning, and one after lunch, which was Free style.
Lesson 1) Variation #4 Upright Style Moribana: Basic style, Shin and hekei but no Soe arrangement
Materials: Magnolia, Kale and mum / ceramic container ( 11/13/2017)
The Magnolia branch should be a little bit taller
 Lesson 2) Morimono arrangements
Hata Sensei's morimono arrangement
My morimono arrangement in class
My other morimono arrangement, days before class

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Beautifying the Township Building for MWGC

For the week of 11/6 to11/9/2017, I promised to do an arrangement at the township building. It is our Martha Washington Garden Club's weekly job to have their members bring a potted plant or a flower arrangement to beautify the office's front desk.
Here is my simple arrangement. It should last for a few days.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Kale Cabbage Arrangements for Fun

I bought two Kale cabbage plants to use for any fall arrangements. It is a long lasting material for Ikebana arrangement.
Kale, Winter berry, Hydrangea, hosta and forsythia / ceramic
Kale, Hosta, mum and bittersweet / ceramic container
Kale, nandina, sunflower and bitter sweet/ ceramic

Monday, October 30, 2017

Main Line Exhibition at Haverford College

The last weekend of October (10/27-10/29/2017), the Main Line Study Group had our annual display at Haverford College library. We only had eight participants with arrangements. The first day, there were only four of us there. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the other arrangements set up on the second day. The first two pictures were the two I created for the exhibit. In the end, I picked the second one. Now that I look at them again, I think I prefer the first.
All dried materials arrangement

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Hata Sensei's Class for October

It is almost the end of October, but the mild weather is still around. The fall foliage are so colorful and beautiful! The Autumn is in the air. I am enjoying every minute of it!
For my lesson of this month, the materials I need are easy to find.  
Lessons for October 23:
Lesson 1) Variation #3 Slanting Style Nageire, try to arrange from behind
Lesson 2) Free Style - Basket using fall materials
 Lesson 3) Book 5-13 - Glass Containers
Lesson 1: zinnia, crap apple and azalea
Lesson 2: basket with bittersweet, kale and forsythia
Lesson 3: Sunflower, horsetail, pepper and forsythia
Hata Sensei's arrangement, very pretty.

With glass container arranged at another view

Margaret's glass container arrangement, I like it very much!

Monday, October 23, 2017

The 2nd Annual BuxMont Study Group Exhibition

We have been busy preparing for weeks for our 2nd Annual Exhibition. On 10/14/2017 Saturday, our Sogetsu BuxMont study group finally officially opened to the public. The exhibition is titled "The Joy of Ikebana." There were 28 arrangements in total, including those from our new classmate members. I had 3 pieces for display. Two were titled:
1) "Indian Summer" (Triforlia Orange, Baby's breath, dried and fresh Sunflower, Nadina / two ceramic containers with wood base.)
2) "Autumn Joy" (Hydrangea, mum, Azalea, Hinoki, pepper, dry branch / ceramic vase with wood base.
The third one "In Memory of Dr. Loraine Toji." Please see next post.
"Indian Summer" the Triforlia Orange branch painted in orange

"Autumn Joy" arranged day before exhibition

Some Materials were changed to be exhibition

In Memory of Lorraine Toji

I first met Dr. Lorraine Toji within our I.I. Philadelphia chapter. She was always actively involved in the Philadelphia Flower Show Ikebana section for years. Dr. Toji was retired from a celebrated career in biomedical research. During the 11th World Ikebana convention in Okinawa, many members fell sick, including me. Tragically, Dr. Toji was one who fell sick and was rushed to the hospital after coming home to Philadelphia. Sadly, she passed from pneumonia. Dr. Toji generously donated all her ikebana containers to the Philadelphia chapter. At our BuxMont second annual exhibition, we dedicated one table in her memory. All our arrangements used her containers in her honor.
My container from Dr.Toji is triangular ceramic with three holes in each side. I think it is a bit difficult to create an arrangement with this kind of container. But at the end, I like my design.
The materials used here were: 1) Fans, Azalea, mum, kiwi vine, 2) anthurium, hosta, 3) Helenium "Mardi gras."   

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Soho Sakai Sensei's Workshop - Bamboo as Container

These arrangements were using self- make bamboo container. We were given a long section of pre- cut bamboo then we sawed a window or two to serve as container. I was told these big bamboo were ordered from Georgia. Everyone had made a beautiful arrangement at the end.
The pictures one, two and three were Sensei's demo pieces. The fourth picture was my arrangement and the other pictures were some of students' arrangements.

Soho Sakai Sensei's Workshop - Sculpture

Using plastic sheet and electric tie to form a sculpture and arrangement.
Picture 1, 2, and 3 are Sensei's demo pieces. The fourth one is mine, rest of the pictures are some of the other students' compositions.